Feel Out Loud Community Creator Space: Submissions

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Youth often ask us, “Is there a place for me to share about my experiences? The answer is, “Yes!”

Here, you can submit your a creative content for possible publication on the Feel Out Loud Community Creator Space.

To start, you can review the submission guidelines below and the community guidelines. You can then browse the submission options and choose what feels best for you if / when you’re ready to contribute.

Kids Help Phone’s web forms are not monitored 24/7, and we can’t offer mental health support through web forms at this time. If you’re seeking mental health support, you can browse our e-mental health services for ways to connect at any time.

What would you like to submit?

Submission guidelines

You can tap on the submission guidelines below to learn more about sending your creative content to Kids Help Phone.

Thank you for your interest in sharing your experiences and creative content with people across Canada via Kids Help Phone!

Kids Help Phone is welcoming creative content submissions by young people, for young people. You can submit written content, an image or a video. Your entry can be about your mental health, wellness experiences, feelings, coping strategies, etc. To get a better idea of what we can publish, you can visit the Feel Out Loud Community Creator Space.

We want to keep the creative content we publish as safe, respectful and helpful as possible. This means we won’t be able to publish a submission that includes / promotes violence, hate or discrimination; asks for money or gifts; contains a safety concern (e.g. someone sharing they’re going to hurt themselves or someone else, etc.) and more. We encourage you to learn about making your submission as safe, respectful and helpful as possible in our community guidelines. Following the community guidelines may make it more likely we can publish your submission.

We don’t offer payment for content submitted to / published on the Feel Out Loud Community Creator Space.

We welcome submissions from young people in Canada. If you’re outside of Canada, you can browse the Feel Out Loud Community Creator Space, but you won’t be able to submit content.

Kids Help Phone opened this space for user-generated content (UGC) with young people ages 12 to 26 in mind.

A team of people at Kids Help Phone review each submission with care to help protect the safety of the community, including you! Kids Help Phone won’t publish any content without reviewing it first.

If you provide an email address with your submission, we’ll be able to contact you about your content. We’ll let you know if we’ve published it, if we need to suggest some edits to help it meet our community guidelines, etc. We won’t make any edits without your approval. Because we want to give each submission the attention it deserves, we encourage you to try to be patient as you wait for a reply from us.

If you don’t provide an email with your submission, we can’t contact you about it, and we may not be able to publish your content if it requires edits to meet our guidelines.

If we’ve sent you suggested edits for your submission, it means we can’t publish it until you have a chance to make the changes. If you’re OK with our suggestions, you can edit your piece and re-submit the revised version using our submission form(s). We ask that you wait until we’ve contacted you about your submission before you submit anything again (this includes submitting a different type of creative content).

If your creative content is published, and you want to share additional pieces, that’s totally OK! It just might be a while before we’re able to publish your next submission, because we want to amplify a diverse range of perspectives and voices.

When you submit content to this space, a team of people at Kids Help Phone reviews the content. They will be able to access the information you provide, such as your name, email address and the content you include in your submission. If our team finds something that might have a privacy concern, if we’re able to contact you, we can help you remove details from your submission that could reveal you / someone else’s identity (e.g. names, places, social media handles, etc.).

Kids Help Phone won’t share any personal contact information, except if we think you or someone else may be in danger. Then we may have a duty to report to emergency / child protection services. That may involve us sharing with emergency / child protection services the information you gave us, including your creative content. You can learn more about privacy and Kids Help Phone’s duty to report in our privacy policy.

If you’d like Kids Help Phone to remove your submission from the space after it’s been published, you can email us at [email protected]  from the same email address you used to submit your content (so we know it’s really you), and we’ll take your content off of the space as soon as possible. This email address is not monitored 24/7, so we may not receive your request immediately. We also can’t control where / how people outside of Kids Help Phone may have shared your content after publication. For example, if someone posted a screenshot of your content on social media, it may still be there even if Kids Help Phone removes it from the space, and we can’t make them take it down.

If we’re able to publish your submission, it will appear on the Feel Out Loud Community Creator Space. We may also share it on Kids Help Phone’s social media channels, link to it when we promote Kids Help Phone’s services, etc. However, we’ll never edit / alter / repurpose your creative content without your permission.

Even if we publish your content, you own your submission! You can share it wherever else you’d like.

As a part of the submission process, you’ll agree to our terms and conditions, which shares more details about where / how we may share submitted content. If you have any questions, you can connect with us at [email protected].

Kids Help Phone is committed to helping young people Feel Out Loud (express their emotions in a way that feels best for them). We want to offer youth more opportunities to give their feelings a place to go by sharing their real-life experiences and creativity with other kids in Canada. With this, we hope to give more young people a space where they can relate to each other’s experiences, deepen their understanding of mental health topics, feel less alone and more.

To help you express yourself through video, Kids Help Phone uses recording and sharing technology from StoryTap (pressing the link will take you to StoryTap’s website). However, team members at Kids Help Phone always review / publish submitted content.

To learn more about how StoryTap manages videos, you can read their Terms and Conditions.

You can send an email with any questions or concerns about the Feel Out Loud Community Creator Space to [email protected].

Kids Help Phone’s email addresses are not monitored 24/7, and we can’t offer mental health support (i.e. counselling, crisis support, etc.) through email at this time. If you’re seeking mental health support, you can browse our e-mental health services for ways to connect at any time.